Two positions available – Apply now

Two positions are open in my group, to work on the ecology and evolutionary genomics of mimicry supergenes in Heliconius butterflies.

1- A 3-year PhD studentship on the ecology of inversions and balancing selection. The project aims at deciphering the evolution of a complex of chromosomal inversions forming a supergene in H. numata. The PhD student will study the selective factors (e.g. viability trade-offs, deleterious variations, etc.) and the mating signals (visual, olfactory) contributing to the maintenance of inversion polymorphism.
Full announcement :
Deadline for applications : 12/06/2019.

2- A 2-year postdoc position on the population genomics of supergenes and inversions. The project aims at improving our understanding of how inversions have established and spread in populations and through the Amazonian range, and how inversion polymorphism is associated with changes in the connectivity and demography of populations, likely to affect ecological and evolutionary trajectories of polymorphic populations.
Full announcement :
Deadline for applications : 20/06/2019

Please do circulate those ads around your labs and do not hesitate to contact me for more details on the project or the application procedure.

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