Current lab members

Jessica Bainbridge, Masters student MEME – jessica.bainbridge(a)
Genomic clines analysis and genome-wide association study in Alpine butterflies

Catarina Vila Pouca, Marie-Curie Fellow – catarina.vilapouca(a) Cognitive and behavioural bases of disassortative mate choice in Heliconius numata.

Yann Le Poul, Postdoc – yann.le.poul(a)
Phenology changes along the altitudinal gradient in European butterflies

Paul Doniol-Valcroze, PhD Student – paul.doniol-valcroze(a)
Ecology of speciation and adaptation along the altitudinal gradient in Coenonympha butterflies

Riccardo Poloni, PhD Student – riccardo.poloni(a)
Polymorphism in the invasive box-tree moth Cydalima perspectalis

Pierre Lacoste, PhD Student – pierre.lacoste(a)
Ecology of disassortative mate choice and heterozygote advantage in Heliconius numata

Mathieu Joron – mathieu.joron(a)
CNRS senior researcher (Directeur de recherche)
PI on the ecology and evolution of butterflies and moths.

Former lab members

Lucie Develay. Masters student, Chemical signatures and variation in the Coenonympha radiation

Benjamin Viel, Technician. Animal husbandry & rearing.

Quentin Rougemont, Postdoc. Genomics and demography of inversion polymorphism in Heliconius numata – Now a postdoc in Tatiana Giraud’s lab in Paris-Saclay

Marina Dhennin, Masters student (M2). Predation experiments on grey and white forms of the boxwood moth Cydalima perspectalis

Benjamin Zelvelder, Masters student (M1). Genetic load and maintenance of polymorphism at a newly discovered chromosomal inversion – Now an M2 student in Montpellier

Matthieu de Lamarre, ENS-Lyon Trainee –
Linkage-mapping of wing-pattern mutations in the apollo butterfly Parnassius apollo

Paul Jay, PhD Student – paul.yann.jay(a)
The genomics of inversion polymorphism in Heliconius – Now a postdoc in Tatiana Giraud’s lab in Paris-Saclay

Manon Leroy, Masters student
Phenotype-nucleotide association in Heliconius wing patterns. Now a social worker in environmental policing.

Luiza de Moraes Magaldi – Visiting PhD student, University of Campinas, Brazil
Diversification in Actinote (with Karina Silva Brandão, André Freitas, Fabien Condamine)

Angeles de Cara. ANR-funded postdoc (2017)
Inferring selection and demography from butterfly genomes – Now a postdoc at Cibio, Porto

Vincent Prémel. M1 Masters student, EPHE (2018)
Mate-choice among wing-pattern forms in Heliconius erato and H. melpomene in Peru
Now a freelance research assistant.

Anaïs Larue. M2 Erasmus Mundus Masters student (MEME) (2018)
Investigating female mate choice in a monomorphic population of Heliconius numata – Now a lab engineer at LBBE Lyon

Adeline Segard. Lab engineer, now a lab engineer at IRD Montpellier (2018)
Development of a PCR genotyping assay for inversion polymorphism

Adeline Valente. Animal hunbandry technician, now a lab technician at IRD (2017) Montpellier

Guillaume Rubi. Animal hunbandry technician (2018)

Mathieu Chouteau. NSERC, Marie Curie and ANR-funded postdoc fellow (2011-2017)
Ecology and population genetics of polymorphism in H. numata and close allies
Now a CNRS researcher at the EDB Lab in Toulouse and in Cayenne, French Guiana

Thomas Aubier. PhD student, co-supervised with Marianne Elias, Paris (2015-2018)
Modelling the ecology of mimicry and mate choice signals
Now a postdoc with Hanna Kokko, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Annabel Whibley. ERC-funded postdoc (2011-2014)
Genomics of the H. numata colour-pattern supergene.

Lucie Bastin–Héline – Project student (2017)
Experiments on the unpalatability of Amazonian butterflies.
Now a Phd student with Emmanuelle Jacquin-Joly at INRA in Versailles

Cécile Triay – M1 Masters student (2016)
Analysing mate preferences in H. numata
Now a PhD student at ISEM, Montpellier, France

Florence Prunier – CNRS Assistante Ingénieure (2013-2015)
Lab manager. Now working with Violaine Llaurens and Marianne Elias (MNHN Paris)

Abhijeet Shah. Bioinformatician (2013)
RNAseq data analysis and RAD linkage mapping
Now PhD student in Bielefeld, Germany

Claire Mérot – PhD student, then postdoc (2011-2014)
Speciation associated with ecological divergence and mimicry variation in Heliconius.
Now a postdoc in Louis Bernatchez’s group in Québec.

Bárbara Huber – ERC-funded PhD student (2010-2015)
Genetics and genealogy of colour pattern variation in the silvaniform clade of Heliconius butterflies.

Yann Le Poul – PhD student, then postdoc (2010-2014)
Wing pattern quantification, morphospace analysis, and modelling mimicry communities.
Now a postdoc in Nicolas Gompel’s group in Munich.

Robert Jones – BBSRC, tehn ERC-funded postdoc (2010-2012)
QTL, RADseq and RNAseq analyses and genome mapping of wing pattern genes.
Now working in the Zeiss group in Livingston, Scotland.

Agnès Bulski – CNRS Assistante Ingénieure (2010-2012)
Lab manager. Now a lab engineer at the EcoBio lab at the University of Rennes, France.

Lise Frézal – CNRS- and ERC-funded postdoc (2009-2012)
Population genetics of the H. numata supergene.
Now a postdoc in Marie-Anne Félix’s group at ENS Paris.

Simone Fernandes – Evo-devo Masters student UPMC Paris 6 (2009)
Gene models and annotation in the colour pattern-determining genomic region.
Now at the Gulbenkian Institute, Lisbon

Benoît Gilles – Postgraduate student (2009)
Colour pattern morphometrics and genetics in H. hecale.
Now working at Cycle Farms

Michel Becuwe – Undergraduate student (2008)
Genetic mapping of the supergene in one brood of H. numata.
Now a postdoc at Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Reuben Nowell – Honours student (2008)
Genealogies of genes along the supergene region in silvaniform Heliconius butterflies. Now a postdoc at University of Edinburgh, UK

Moisés Abanto Flores, Agronomy Engineer, San Martín, Peru (1999, 2002)
Now Animal husbandry technician in Maine, USA